John's Story...

       Imagining Solutions, inc. 501 (c-3) became a non-profit organization September 29, 2007.  John Herr (before he passed away last July 2017) was Imagining Solutions'  Executive Director.

      John's story is about Imagining Solutions.  To see Imagining Solutions's mission statement go to the Mission Statement page on this web-site:

      John Herr was born and raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  

       Above is a picture of The Hans-Herr House, a National Historic Site, built in 1719.  It is the oldest building in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and the oldest, and original, Mennonite Church in America. The furtherest west built building in the wilderness that John Herr's ancestors built and gave housing for and food to the Native American Susquehanna, descendants of the Seneca Native Americans.   This all happened because of William Penn's invitation for the Herr von Bilried family to come to America from Switzerland and build a new life away from the persecution of The Spanish Inquisition.   They finally arranged their dramatic escape from Switzerland and arrived in what is now the state of Pennsylvania in the early 1700's.

        About the year 1706 or 1707, a number of the persecuted Swiss Mennonites went to England, and made a particular agreement with the Honorable Proprietor, William Penn, at London, for lands to be taken up.  Several families, from the Palatinate, descendants of the distressed Swiss, emigrated to America and settled in Lancaster county in the year 1709.


"The family of Herr descended from a very ancient family; is free - that is to say of noble origin. Likewise from time immemorial, its knights were brave and worthy. Possessing in Schwaben vast and rich estates, the name of which was called and written "Herr von Bilried."

"The father of this race was called the Schwabish Knight Hugo, the Herr or Lord of Bilried. In the year 1009 flourished and was known to all, the family from whom Herr is descended. But in the fifteenth century several of the race resigned their nobility and settled as citizens..."

      To share how John Herr grew up we at Imagining Solutions would like for you to watch the video of this barn raising.  John had 13 aunts and uncles and many cousins that also did this type of working together to help one another to build homes and barns to last a very long time.  A very ideal lifestyle that many have not had the privilege and blessing of knowing how things work best when everyone works together for a common goal.  An example we hope will help give others the idea of how we can change our world for the better if we all work together without competition and comparison but share our gifts and talents to the best of each of our abilities. 


       John Herr has been researching alternative energy solutions since he was 14 years old while growing up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  His diligent research and search has been for the last 38 years. 

      During John's childhood when John wasn't busy building barns, tending to 50,000 chickens, milking dairy cows, and many other chores along with going to school, John spent his spare time by the river close to his home.  He began noticing and watching the dead fish float down the river down stream from the nuclear power plant at "Three Mile Island".

     Because of this disturbing and upsetting experience of witnessing the dead fish floating down the river, John Herr made an eight millimeter movie for his high school, Hempfield High, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania about the effects that the Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant was doing to the life in the river.   John Herr showed the film to all of his fellow classmates at his high school.

     John also started the very first ecology club at his high school in which there were over 400 members, the largest club the school had ever seen, and showed the film to his classmates to help educate them as to what was happening to the fish in the rivers downstream from Three Mile Island on the very first Earth Day.  John wanted to share with his fellow classmates what was happening to the fish in the river and to raise the question to the entire school as to what other deadly effects is it doing to all life on Earth in general?  He was of course hoping he could help wake up others to save life and end dangerous and poisonous Nuclear Power Plants all over the world once and for all.


Against Nuclear Power.....


     John realized that he needed to seek out and research other safe alternative energies.  This is before he learned about the history of Nikola Tesla.

      The current scientist that picked up Nikola Tesla's work and who John has been diligently attentive to for a new solution for energy is Tom E. Bearden, Lt. Col., U.S. Army. 

    Below is a video  with one of the songs by Cat Stevens, "Where do the children play?" that John selected and spliced into his eight millimeter film that he made about the effects of what the Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant was doing to life in the river and the trees and plants all around.   Unfortunetly, his film was confiscated by a group of men in black cars and black suits.  Please watch and listen to the video below.  Cat Stevens really captures the emotion of the truth of our children's and grandchildren's future regarding Nuclear Power Plants.        

    Some years after John Herr graduated from Hempfield High in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and after his first marriage to his first wife he had the most difficult, devastating and emotionally debilitating experience in August of 1979 from the "Three Mile Island" nuclear power plant accident that happened in March of 1979.  John Herr and his 1st wife lost two twin sons that were born prematurely.   Their twin sons, Michael and Rafael, 15 and 16 oz. didn't survive due to their premature births because of their premature lung development.  John watched his twin sons suffocate to death in the hospital that wasn't adequately equipped to keep them alive and continue to develop their lungs after their premature birth.      

     The premature births of their twin sons were caused from the down winds of the radioactive dust that was being carried invisibly and inhaled by everyone within approximately a 200 mile radius of the "Three Mile Island" nuclear power plant accident in March of 1979 in Pennslyvania.

     For more verifiable information as to that accident and all the deadly, dangerous and poisonous repercussions from that accident read the book, "Deadly Deceit, Low level Radiation, High Level Cover-Up" by Jay M. Gould and Benjamin Goldman.

      Imagining Solutions has a copy of the book, "Deadly Deceit, Low Level Radiation, High Level Cover-Up",  and we has researched the truth extensively about the danger of nuclear power .  John had made a film about the danger of nuclear power while he was in high school and had to live out his own premonition from the loss of his and his wife's twin sons.  

     While John was in the hospital in August of 1979 for 30 days with his wife at her bedside or out in the hallway of the hospital, sleeping on the benches when he wasn't allowed to visit his wife he also witnessed hundreds of other women's families suffering their losses in the halls of the same hospital and discovered that other women were also giving birth to their premature babies who also died.   This experience was heartbreaking to John and hundreds of others to say the least.  

      John and his first wife had two other sons ages 3 and 1 year old, before their twins died in the hospital and had been living at New Meadow Run Bruderhoff Community, one of five Hutterite Communities during the time of the twin baby boys death.  Woodcrest Bruderhoff, near Rifton, New York was the main community of the five.   John and his wife had two more children after the death of their twin sons.  Another son born in 1980 born at New Meadow Run Bruderhoff Community in Pennslyvania and their first daughter, born in 1986 while living in Fairbanks, Alaska.  They lived in the New Meadow Run Bruderhoff Community for 8 years before moving with their three children to to the west coast and then on to Fairbanks, Alaska where they divorced.

     The experiences of when John Herr was 15 and 16 years of age and witnessing the consequences of what the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant was doing to the fish, trees and plants by the river and being genetically deformed and killing the fish in the river, awakened him.   First he watched the dead fish float by him close to the river banks and then 9 years later having the horrible experience he and his wife had loosing their own baby twin sons by low-level radiation down wind from the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant accident in 1979.  Those experiences are what has been driving John's passion towards finding energy solutions that are safe, clean and affordable.  Those solutions are opposed to most of the current dirty, dangerous, deadly and expensive resources of energy used by most of the population on Earth.  Not to mention, outdated and given the name, "Dark age Dinosaur Technology."   

     Tom E. Bearden, Lt. Col., U.S. Army (Retired)  is the scientist who captured John's heart in 2006 by finally discovering and reading his book, "Energy From the Vacuum".  It took John 5 weeks to read the 952 page scientific technical book by Tom Bearden.  He read the entire book at a local bar/restaurant in Durango, Colorado.  Tom Bearden, the author of "Energy From the Vacuum," has made it his life's mission to bring this awareness about free energy to be available for all mankind.   John Herr and Judith Pfeif-Herr were fortunate enough and honored to meet Tom Bearden in late 2007 after John and Judith (see Judith Pfeif's Story Page) met each other in Durango, Colorado and fell in love at first site.

    John was elated and ecstatic to finally meet the man and scientist who had the answer of his over 30 year quest to replace nuclear energy!

     Once again, John Herr and Judith Pfeif-Herr  were extremely honored to have personally met Tom Bearden together along with his team of scientists as they drove to his home town and met with Tom and visited with him at three different occasions so far during their travels from their home in Colorado.  They were thankful to have been able to make personal connections with the scientists that have the answers and solutions to our most pressing issues on Earth. To learn more about Tom E. Bearden, Lt. Col., U. S. Army (Retired) go to: 

    Tom Bearden has researched this type of clean energy extensively, has experimented with it in depth, has created working prototype models and has written many books about this clean, efficient and free energy.  The books can be purchased on Tom Bearden's web-site .   John's favorite book written by Tom Bearden is called, "Energy From the Vacuum".  It is a 952 page book in which John read in 5 weeks in his spare time.  It is VERY important to read and educate yourself about this free and available energy that Nikola Tesla discovered in the late 1800's and had it for the most part  figured out but didn't succeed at getting it produced into the market.  There was so much resistance from people like J. P. Morgan and others that didn't want the public to have "free energy" because then it would stop their greedy and selfish plans to steal from the public and charge for energy with the outdated system of acquiring energy.   Isn't it about time that the greedy and selfish people that are destroying, killing and scorching our planet stop getting their way?  I am sure they do not agree but if they don't care about anyone but themselves then surely they shouldn't be allowed to get away with such atrocities! 

     Please go to to learn more about a clean, safe, affordable energy source that it's co-efficiency of performance (COP) out preforms every other clean energy source currently on the market.  Not that other sustainable and symbiotic technologies are not useful, they are just more costly to produce and not nearly as effective as a free energy device.

      You can also learn more about how this "free energy" works by watching the carefully selected video on our  Videos page under the section "Energy Solutions videos". John Searle explains how this free energy works in an animated moving parts model.   This is the best video John and Judith could find to help anyone who cares enough to learn and understand how this free energy works.  It is essentially important and necessary for the future of our children, grandchildren and our world.

    We at Imagining Solutions feel strongly along with Tom Bearden that it is going to take the people's POLITICAL WILL to DEMAND this type of clean, safe and affordable energy solution and not settle for anything less, otherwise everyone who has learned of this alternative energy is being complicit to a GIANT GENOCIDE of our own species and all life on Earth.

    After you begin to learn more about "free energy" and how we have all been kept in the dark about it by lack of education in our schools and how we have been kept in the dark about it's existence,  you will then be hard pressed to do SOMETHING about it!   Always remember:

                                                                     "YOU TOO CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!"

    Below are pictures of two different prototype models of The Motionless Electric Generator (MEG)  and the late John Herr at the Durango Power House Museum giving a talk in their classroom on November 11, 2011.  For more information about The Power House Museum in Durango, Colorago, go to:   The bottom right picture is a picture of Nikola Tesla's original winding that is inside of The Power House Museum.

      Before Imagining Solutions began John had been making his living as a skilled carpenter in Alaska, for 8 years and then onto Maui, Hawaii after his divorce from his first wife for another 8 years and now for the last 23 years, in Durango, Colorado.

Pictures of Alaska near Fairbanks, the second is of The Chena River.  The third picture is of John Herr hauling logs to mill.

     Above are pictures of John Herr's life in Maui, Hawaii.   The water falls is of the Seven Sacred Pools where John Herr spent a lot of his spare time when he wasn't building homes while living in Maui, Hawaii and healing from his divorce and all of his losses.


      Below are pictures of one of many beautiful homes John Herr built in Maui, Hawaii before moving to Durango, Colorado in 1994.

To experience much of the beauty of Hawaii John hopes you will take the time to watch and listen to this beautiful music video of Kamakawiwo'ole.  This is in honor of Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole's life and his gift. 

      To see more of John's work as a skilled, master carpenter, please go to and go to the Work by John Herr page on this web-site.  

     To continue John's dream to change the world with a cleaner and safe energy solution he has been donating every dime to Imagining Solutions, Inc. and supporting his and Judith's humble existence in a small trailer in a small trailer park that is where our Imagining Solutions, Inc. 501 (c-3) office is located for the time being which was also their home for the last 10 years. 

      Imagining Solutions, Inc. have been diligently seeking out types of financing needed in order to implement the solutions they have been working very hard for.   The solutions to our planet's ecology issues need to find their rightful place on our Planet Earth and to be made a priority and real for anyone to purchase and to be made available to donate to less fortunate families in other countries.

     As Grandparents, Parents, Teachers and Adults, we also all need to teach the children the precious golden rule, which is, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."   This will teach them to respect our Planet Earth as well and all life on Earth to help and save all life on Earth.

    Also, we need to teach our children respect for our elders and basic discipline with love.  Sometimes that means tough love and actually efforting to be the guides they need us to be.  How will our children learn if they don't receive the right guidance about how to get along with one another?  Or, if they don't receive any consequences for the wrong behavior how will they ever learn to do the right thing when they become adults.  Ofcourse, everyone makes mistakes and all of us are constantly learning but better to start on the good moral path as soon as possible before bad attitudes and bully behavior gets out of control.  Kindness and good manners go a long way.   So do good work ethics.   

   It is through our love, experience, knowledge and wisdom that will guide the children and young adults towards an educated, safe and sustainable future. 

   We all need to remember what our righteous and honorable elders and  ancestors taught us while we were children. If that didn't exist for you as a child then look to the role models that exemplified righteousness and honorability.  There might have be a teacher in your life or someone you looked up to and that you could trust because that role-model exemplified kindness, love, and good morals and you may have witnessed them always demonstrating doing good things for the community and the world.  

     As we remember who we learned from when we were children then we can begin to teach and revive those morals and values once again to bring the positive guiding, loving, supportive energy to the children of today that instructed us when we were children.

    The world needs us to start or continue to instruct the children in our sphere of influence in order to sustain life on Planet Earth.  The world needs grandparents, parents and teachers that are aware and conscious to help teach and guide the children.

    We hope you can take the time to watch the following video and listen to the words of Kenny Loggins song below, "Conviction Of The Heart" which was the music that inspired Judith Pfeif-Herr to move herself and her three children at that time to move to Durango, Colorado on May 1, 1995.  Her fourth child was born in Durango, Colorado in June of 1999.  Durango is where Judith and John met in 2004 and together started the non-profit, "Imagining Solutions, inc. 501 (c) (3)" with their "Conviction of the Heart." 


       Imagining Solutions Inc. is ready and willing to bridge the gap between the scientists and the one or many that can help with financing to enable the scientists to produce their technologies.  Imagining Solutions is holding a "Hobbit House" raffle to help create the financing needed to get the free energy device on the market.  Please go to:  Upcoming Events page for more details.  Once they succeed with your help by purchasing a raffle ticket for your chance to win a Hobbit House of your own in Durango, Colorado or one of the other many prizes we will be offering then everyone will be victorious!  This is the game changer that EVERYONE WINS in!

     Below is a picture of Dr. Thomas Goreau PHD, The President of the Global Coral Reef Alliance, looking down into a kiva at Mesa Verde while the Imagining Solutons team took Tom on a tour of Southwest Colorado before Tom's two hour talk at the Smiley Building in Durango, Colorado.

    Dr. Tom Goreau shared much information with those who came to listen and learn about the ocean's need of our help to rebuild and restore the coral reefs. To help with restoring and rebuilding the coral reefs all over the world go to:

    Once the energy device is ready and available it will help our coral reefs grow back to it's natural state and replace the current electrical methods that are being used in rebuilding the coral reefs all over the world. 

John Harold Herr 111 


Died at 62 on July 20, 2017

Our beloved John is in our hearts, minds and souls.  We will miss him dearly.  May he rest in peace and may God bless him.