mission statement

We at Imagining Solutions are a group of individuals concerned about the health and well-being of ALL life on our beautiful Planet Earth. 

We are committed to imagining solutions and implementing those solutions with scientific research for sustainable global action. 

We are also committed to inspiring others to believe in our motto that says, "You too can make a difference." 

      Our purposes include the following but are not limited to the following:

The Corporation, Imagining Solutions inc. 501 (c-3) is organized and operated exclusively for charitable, scientific and educational purposes.

(a)  Charitable, research, development and application of symbiotic and environmentally friendly/reproducible building, construction, and engineering technologies coupled with sustainable sales practices for residential and commercial structures;

(b)  Charitable research and development of electrical transportation and transmission systems in order to improve and advance the land, water, and air quality standards of people; and,

(c) Public education of socially responsible practices and techniques to exemplify the same.

Jude Pfeif-Herr, Executive Director of Imagining Solutions, Inc, 501 (c-3)


This is a letter from Imagining Solutions, Inc. sent to President Trump. 


As you can see, President Trump responded to our letter with support. We are very thankful and hope to meet with our President and our Vice President, Mike Pence in the near future regarding this solution to our Planet Earth’s recovery.


Next we are sharing the letter we also wrote to our Vice President Mike Pence. We know Vice President Mike Pence received our letter since we received our “certified green mail receipt” back from the White House.


Mike Pence.jpg
Mike Pence2.jpg

Excitement is building as we receive the support from all the way to the President of The United States to every person we share the good news of "free energy" with.  An affordable, safe and clean energy is on it's way!  We are so happy for our Mother Earth along with all the living human beings and creatures on our beautiful planet.  Stay tuned!!  The Best Is Yet To Come!!!!

This is a picture of The Hudson Gardens in Denver, Colorado right after a "Three Dog Night" concert on June 7, 2015.   John and Jude enjoyed dancing to their song that says, "Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea!" because we are so concerned about the ocean these days and what we can do to help through our non-profit, Imagining Solutions.

An Extention of Imagining Solutions’ mission statement

Our extended mission for Imagining Solutions is to be a film production and information hub for sustainable scientific technologies and heart-fully inspired lifestyle practices. We intend to create films focused on building hope and expanding people’s vision so all can participate in the social restructuring for global environmental and spiritual sustainability.

Statement of the issue

We have observed that there are real and actual scientific discoveries which, if implemented, would immediately begin to remediate many of humanity’s self destructive environmental habits, replacing them with more advanced technologies without the negative impacts of the ones currently in use.

Further, we have observed that there is a pervasive lack of awareness in the general public regarding any ideas or hope in how our will and actions can be redirected to positively make these adjustments to these new technologies.

There seems to be a generic fear that doing so will somehow jeopardize financial systems now in place, yet this view significantly ignores long term financial instability represented by continuing on the present “non-sustainable” course currently in place.

Historical Perspective

  1. The atmosphere has thinned by 50% since the first manned space flights began in the 1950’s.

  2. The tree population on the planet has been reduced by 95% in the last 200 years.

  3. CO2 levels surpass the “Ice Age” levels by over 33% and the repercussive effects of that will only be fully experienced during the next 1,000 years.

  4. The arctic ice caps are melting at unprecedented rates which will cause the sea levels to rise 25-35 feet within the next 20 years, and that is only the beginning.

  5. Wildlife species are disappearing at unprecedented rates.

  6. 80% of our coral reefs are dead caused by rising temperatures and pollution that is causing the decrease in ocean life quicker than we have the resources to repair the damage. Once again, 50%-67% of our Earth’s oxygen is created by LIVING plant life in the ocean which is dying right along with the fish and coral reefs.