Judith (Jude) Pfeif-Herr's story

     Judith (Jude) Pfeif-Herr's  story and how she became involved with Imagining Solutions, Inc. 501 (c) (3) began in Durango, Colorado in the month of June 2004 when she met John Herr for the first time while passing out flyers in their community before the next presidential election in November of 2004.  

     Jude was at that time the producer and interviewer of a public access television show named, "Caring for our Community" and her next show was called "Please Vote".  John Herr received her flyer with graciousness.

    The next time John and Jude met was passing each other at a crosswalk in Durango and they began another conversation with one another.  The conversation was initiated by John as he shared his story of his experience with Nuclear Power Plant Three Mile Island accident that happened in 1979 in his home state of Pennslyvania in which he and his first wife lost their twin sons to premature birth from the exposure to the radioactive cloud of dust that blew west of Pennsylvania 200 miles from the nuclear power plant at Three Mile Island.  

     Jude was both horrified and deeply saddened by the story John shared with her and hardly knew what to say except, "I'm so sorry for your loss."

     Their next meeting happened inadvertently at a restaurant in Durango when they caught each other's eye while sitting at different tables and John came over to Jude's table while she was having breakfast and said, "Hello again" and began to talk to Judith about "Free Energy" and Nikola Tesla's work, a subject Jude had been interested in ever since she lived in Colorado Springs back in 1983.  That was when and where she and her husband (now divorced) and her first son, Dustin, now 36 years old, Father of two sons, (the groom in the wedding in the picture above) and where her second child, Ceara her oldest daughter was born who is now 33 years old, Mother of two daughters and one son.





Jude's family home in Colorado Springs, Co. 1984

Jude became interested in alternative energy when she became a mother and wanted a better future for her children.

Jude has two more children,(shown in the pictures below) Amber, her second daughter, now 25 years old and her second son, Alistair, 17 years old, almost 18 and about to graduate from high school the end of May 2017.

     Now Jude has five beautiful grandchildren along with her four children that is the biggest motivator to make a world a better place by working diligently to make sure the "free energy device" gets created so EVERYONE will have the chance to have "FREE ENERGY!"  Jude and John believe this is what The Creator has wanted us to have all along.

     In August of 2007, John and Jude joined their common desire for a cleaner, safer and more energy efficient technology and together formed the 501 (c) (3) non-profit, Imagining Solutions, Inc. to search out the scientists that have the technology and are just waiting to develop and market the technology that Nikola Tesla had already developed but wasn't successful in getting it out to the public which is what John and Jude are committed to doing.