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First we would like to introduce you to some facts about our most precious resource on Earth which is:




Ocean plant life and THE coral REEFS supply 50%-67% of Planet Earth's Oxygen


80% or more of our oceans coral reefS are dead and need your help to repair and rebuild!


From a recent picture taken from space from a nasa satellite it showed that 50% of the atmosphere around the planet has disappeared since 60 years ago.


To help our oceans and all life in the oceans go to:



We at Imagining Solutions Inc. 501 (c-3) have been working diligently for the past 11 years to travel to meet scientists and sponsor specific scientists to come to Durango to help educate our Community of Durango and the World Community through this web-site about some of the clean, symbiotic, sustainable, and restoring technologies that our team with Imagining Solutions, have discovered. These technologies will start to bring our dying Planet Earth back to LIFE again! We all need EVERYONE to ACT in the best interest of our Planet Earth (which natually is in our own best interests as well) reviving, rebuilding, restoring, and last but not least, replacing these out-dated, inefficient, unsafe, dirty and dangerous energy sources with affordable, clean, safe, and efficient energy solutions.

We all also need to change our habits which are demonstrating a general cynicism and lack of care which none of us can ignore by all the waste being produced in many forms all around our HOME, Planet Earth.

With education in our schools and sharing the knowledge with others everywhere we go, and at home everyone could turn the out-of-balance and sick state of our HOME, Planet Earth all around. With the right education, exemplification of right application with symbiotic and sustainable technologies and financial support we can repair and restore our damaged ecosystem. We can restore and rebuild our ecosystem back to our Planet Earth's natural and healthy existence and state of being.

We at Imagining Solutions, Inc. believe and know there is an abundance of resources and enough for all if we all choose to become Stewards of our Planet Earth and do the right actions, distributions and implementations necessary to stop the unnecessary waste and pollution.

We at Imagining Solutions believe firmly that by utilizing the solutions available and contininously using our creative gifts and talents with ingenuity for recycling and applying new clean energy sources that are completely safe, clean, efficient and affordable then we can ALL make a difference!

We are committed to getting these energy solutions and many other solutions out into the mainstream so EVERYONE can quit having to use the dangerous, dirty, expensive and poisonous energy sources that have been harming all LIFE on Planet Earth.

       We all need to become more attentive to our planet Earth and our own health by learning what is happening to our OCEANS, RIVERS, and FORESTS all around PLANET EARTH and become more responsible by doing what we can to support a clean, safe, and free energy solution that we will share more about throughout this web-site as we grow and develop.  To learn more about this clean, safe, affordable energy solution go to:  That is why we at Imagining Solutions say:

You too-can make a difference!   

If you would like to learn and understand more about how this "free energy" works please go to our "Video" page by clicking on "Video" at the top of this "Home" page and watch the approximately four minute animated video by the scientist John Searle.  It will explain the quantum physics in a simple way so you can understand the science.   



We have enough time to keep enjoying much of the beauty of nature but as it slips away in the "not so beautiful places" it will catch up to these near pristine places before long.  Especially if the oxygen around the planet continues to shrink and the ocean life continues to die and not rebuild to supply the planet with the oxygen needed for life on Earth.  We all need to ACT now to do what we can to preserve and support life and beauty on Earth for our children and our grandchildren.  Please think about the future generations and what we are leaving behind for them.  


You too-can make a difference!

To learn more about what you can do to help our Oceans go to:

We strongly suggest you watch and listen to John Denver's music video, Calypso, to remember how beautiful Planet Earth's oceans and the sea life in it is and get inspired to remember that, "YOU TOO CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!"

Below are videos that demonstrate how Planet Earth's precious coral reefs can and are being restored but there is MUCH MORE WORK to be done and it needs everyone's help to financially support the hard work and time it takes to rebuild and restore the damaged and dying coral reefs.  Please watch the videos below and educate yourself and then help by going to:

We hope you watch this video and others we have posted on our web-site to better inform you of the process of Coral Reef Restoration.  Thank you for caring about your future and your children's future and your grandchildren's future and on and on.....

you too-can make a difference!


This amazing video will explain and articulate the rebuilding the coral reef process even more!  Please watch!!

Enjoy watching the video below about what The Global Coral Reef Alliance is doing in Bali, Indonesia.