Work by John Herald Herr (Von Bilried) 111


Lori Grace's home in Maui, Hawaii

Spiral staircase designed and built by John Herr.


Tom Merrick's home built in Maui, Hawaii by John Herr


Japanese style sidewalk outside of Lori Grace's home designed and constructed by John Herr in Maui, Hawaii.

"The Comedian,"  Gallegar's home on Maui, Hawaii, built by John Herr, on the slide show below and two more interior pictures below the slide show.


Bert Greynald's home on Maui, built by John Herr

Durango, Colorado

Round Spiral Home designed and mostly built by John Herr


House on The Hill, designed and mostly built by John Herr, Durango, Colorado.  Stone masonry built by Robert Brown, Durango, Colorado.


Home called "The Citadel" located at Two Dogs subdivision north of Durango, Colorado, built by John Herr, Robert Brown and others. 


Round Horse Barn (1/2 of first floor) , efficiency apartment ( 1/2 first floor.) , second floor beautiful wood floor dance studio. Designed and mostly built by John Herr in Durango, Colorado.

Hand-made guitar by John Herr with curly maple back and sides, dogwood fretboard, walnut purflings and 7 different types of wood that accents and decorates this guitar around the hole.

Amish style bathroom vanity, designed and hand-made by John Herr.  Maple, ash, yellow locust and cherry wood with four scrub-oak legs gathered from Durango, Co. area.  Seventeen cuts for each of the four cherry wood handles. Many hours of sanding for custom made handles.

Original George Costeu French Oil Painting framed with yellow locust wood exterior and South American cocoa bolo wood frame.

Another hand-made picture frame built by John Herr, made of: Curly Koa and Curly Mango hand cut and milled by John Herr.


Remodeled and rebuilt home in Port Neches, Texas (town next to Port Arthur where Janis Joplin grew up)  after "Hurricane Katrina".  Named, "The Heart House."


 Steps, patio, and a deck in Durango, Colorado, designed and built by John Herr.


Stone patio and wall with window

designed and built by John Herr, in Durango, Colorado.

John's most recent work.  A beautiful hand-made hickory cabinet bench with three front drawers.  Made in late 2016/early 2017


Deck designed and built by John Herr for The Southwest Housing Solutions office at 295, Girard St. Durango, Colorado.

You too-can make a difference!

Below is a picture of a model built by John Herr that is the design of one of many Imagining Solution's long term goals and visions of a EDUCATIONAL/DEMONSTRATION BUILDING/Aquaponics/Green House. High Volume, 3 Story, Stadium Size.  90,000 sq. ft. growing area.   Please Imagine this with us and let's make it REAL in Durango, Colorado!